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Electrical Inspections In Vacaville

Residential electric

Is it about time to get an inspection for the electrical system in your Vacaville home or business? If it's been more than five years or so since your last electrical inspection, call Taurus Electrical Services to schedule one.

We're licensed and certified to perform residential and commercial electrical inspections & code corrections in the Vacaville, Fairfield, Woodland, and surrounding areas. This is an affordable way to ensure your electrical panel, wiring, and components are safe and up to date.

Your electrical inspection will include a fully detailed written report covering the current condition of your entire electrical system. It will also include details about any upgrades or electrical repairs you need to make.

Contact us today to schedule your electrical inspection in Vacaville or our other service areas. You'll get fast and friendly service from a qualified electrician.

  • Certified Electrical Inspectors
  • Serving Vacaville Since 2014
  • Residential & Commercial

Electrical Inspections for Safety

Most people don't know how often they should be getting electrical inspections. The truth is, you need to make sure they're done regularly throughout the years you own your home. They're not just for buying or selling homes!

  • 7 to 10 years if you own the home
  • 5 years if you rent your home out
  • 5 years if you own commercial property
  • 1 year if you have a swimming pool

Electrical overloads can be dangerous, especially when it involves old wiring and fuse box electrical panels. Regardless of the age of your home, everything needs to be professionally inspected as the years go by.

If you're using too many extension cords or you see any of the following signs of an electrical overload, you need an inspection now. Otherwise, get one done every 5 to 7 years for safety.

  • The lights dim or flicker
  • Burning smells or burn marks anywhere
  • The feeling of a slight shock or tingling
  • Outlet burns out everything you attempt to plug in
  • A breaker or fuse trips regularly
  • Any other concern you may have

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If you're looking for a professional electrical inspection, please contact us today at 707-430-0222 or by filling out our online request form.