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Home Electrical Tips 4 Reasons Get Electrical Panel Upgrades

4 Reasons To Get Electrical Panel Upgrades

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Have you put off getting electrical panel upgrades for your home? We'd like to point out the 4 main reasons below to go ahead and get this work done. But first, let's compare panel upgrades in commercial buildings to those in homes.

Did you know that a business can get fined when they have an outdated electrical panel in their building? It's true, and this is because electrical safety code inspectors know how dangerous an outdated electrical panel can be. It's important enough for them to take action until the panel upgrade is performed - and performed correctly.

While no code violation authorities will be visiting your home to give you a citation for an outdated electrical system, the upgrades still need to be done for your safety.

Taurus Electrical Services is a business that cares about our customers. Our electricians are dedicated to your home safety, so we make sure our work is handled right. If you're not located in the Vacaville area, find an experienced electrician in your area to handle your panel upgrades and repairs so you can avoid the following problems.

Outdated Panels Waste Energy

Do you notice a spike in your electric bill on the days you use your washer and dryer or the oven? How about when summer hits here in the Vacaville area, are your cooling costs outrageous?

Old electrical panels were made to support the power needs of homes decades ago. The heavy appliances we use today are often too much for the power system to handle. A lot of energy is wasted when the electrical systems in your home struggles to feed power to your heavy appliances.

If your power company offers day-to-day monitoring of your electricity usage, make sure to check the days you wash clothes or use the oven and air conditioning. You may be surprised by how high the usage spikes on these days.

A monitoring system can also be installed directly into your panel by an electrician if you want to see exactly which appliances are hogging too much energy.

Either way, the upgraded panel will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Outdated Electrical Panels Can Fry Your Appliances

If wasted energy isn't enough to get you on the phone to schedule a panel upgrade soon, maybe the cost of replacing burned out appliances is. If you're not experiencing problems today, your panel will only continue to get older.

They Can Also Cause House Fires

Even if your old electrical system hasn't burned out your appliances yet, they can still overheat and start a house fire. Everything ages including the wiring inside your panel.

Fraying and loose connections are two issues you don't want to happen anywhere in your home because faulty wiring is the number one cause of house fires in the United States.

They Probably Don't Support All The Outlets You Need

It's typical for older homes to be built with just one or two outlets per room. You just don't get one on every wall like you do in new homes because your house was constructed when people didn't have so many things to plug in like we do today.

Old electrical panels don't support enough outlets because there are fewer wiring circuits installed. A circuit can only support a limited number of hard-wired fixtures and outlets.

If you're using extension cords everywhere, get the panel upgrade so it can support all the circuits and outlets you need.

If you're looking for a professional electrician for panel upgrades, please contact us today at 707-430-0222 or by filling out our online request form.