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Benefits of Electrical Rewiring for Older Homes

Electric aluminum wires

Nobody wants to think about the cost of rewiring their home, but our Vacaville electricians can tell you that rewiring offers you many benefits.

While you won't have a city or county electrical inspector issuing you a citation for an outdated electrical panel, the old wiring and electrical panel aren't helping you at all. In fact, your home could be at risk of fire and your family at risk of electrical shock.

In addition to enjoying a safe home, electrical rewiring for your older home will bring about the following benefits. Everyone wants a safe and happy home, so read on!

Diminishes The Risk of Electrical Fires

Many older homes in the Vacaville area either have knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring. Both of these were sufficient to power homes decades ago but they are not today.

Aluminum wiring expands more than copper. This can loosen the wire at connections, causing it to overheat. Aluminum wiring can come into direct contact with the wall insulation when it overheats. This often means a house fire.

The insulation wrapped around knob and tube wiring decays. If you have this type of wire installed in your house, it's at least around 70-80 years old. That's a lot of time. Knob and tube insulation rots and exposes the wire.

When the electrical rewiring is completed, you can rest easy knowing you've done everything possible to prevent an electrical fire.

No More Burned Out Appliances

Overloaded electrical wiring can also burn out your appliances and electronics. If you live in an older home in the Vacaville area, you probably already know that.

With the rewiring work done, you'll be able to forget about the expenses involved in replacing burned out electronics and appliances due to old wiring.

However, we also suggest you install a whole-house surge protection system just in case there's a power surge.

You'll Enjoy Some Energy Savings After the Rewiring

Overstressing an electrical systems wastes energy. When the wiring heats up, it's because they're carrying a great amount of electricity.

Old electrical panels can't handle that. The electricity can continue to flow beyond what the fuse or breaker can handle.

If you have an electrical rewiring done for your home, the wiring and the electrical panel will be replaced with components that are meant to support the power needs of modern homes.

You'll Be Able To Power Everything You Need

Not having enough outlets in the house and not being able to install a simple thing like a small window air conditioner because your electrical system can't handle it is frustrating.

Before the electrical rewiring begins, your electrician should discuss your goals for installing new outlets, lighting, and any heavy appliances you may want to use.

Finally, you can throw away the extension cords and won't have to worry about microwave constantly tripping the breakers!

If you're looking for home rewiring services, please contact us today at 707-430-0222 or by filling out our online request form.