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Whole House Rewiring


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We’ll Leave Your Home Safer Than We Found It

Taurus Electrical Services is an electrical contractor provides fast, friendly and trusted electrical repair and installation service.

Whole House Rewiring Services

Updating & Expanding Your Whole Home Electrical Wiring

Rewiring your entire home is a major investment, which is why choosing the right electrician is vital. You'll want a technician who's highly-trained, certified, and experienced handling projects of this size and type. The right electrician can add tremendous value to your home with a durable and reliable whole house rewiring, but the wrong electrician and poor craftsmanship could put your home at risk.

When homeowners need the right electrician for a whole house rewiring job, they call the wiring experts at Taurus Electrical. Our local electricians offer safe, reliable, and high-quality whole home rewiring that meets the highest industry standards. Our work complies with all local and state codes, ensuring that your home will be marketable and valuable for years to come. Whether you're buying an older home, planning on selling your home, or simply updating your house to bring it up to code, our home rewiring experts have the experience and skill to get it done flawlessly and safely.

Call (707)-430-0222 today to get a quote for a whole house rewiring!

What are the Benefits of Whole House Rewiring?

Rewiring your whole home might be a big project, but it's always worth it in the end. For one, new wiring makes your home safer, and that alone is worth the cost. However, if you're planning on selling your home, buying an older home, or remodeling your house, then rewiring is even more important. New wiring ensures your house is up to code and eligible for sale; some experts believe new wiring from a certified electrician can ultimately add thousands to the value of your home.


Other benefits of whole house rewiring include:

  • The ability to add to or expand your home

  • The ability to convert your garage or loft into living spaces

  • Increased safety and fire prevention

  • Increased home value

  • Higher energy efficiency

  • Stable access to power (fewer outages)


Unparalleled Customer Service. Elite Technical Skill.

Good companies, like good people, are driven by a sense of service and commitment to excellence. At Taurus Electrical Services, all our people and practices are guided by our code of ethics. It influences everything we do, from the type of people we hire to the service guarantees we offer. For instance, all our technicians are certified, background-checked, and drug-tested at random intervals. Why? Because trust is part of good service, and we want to ensure we hire trustworthy technicians.

Our On Time guarantee promises that your service will be free if we don't arrive on time; that's how much we respect your time. Our UWIN Guarantee means we stand behind our whole house rewiring work for up to two years after your service date, which means we only offer high-quality parts and long-term fixes. Combined, our customers can expect an unparalleled customer experience and the best craftsmanship in the industry for every call. That's who Taurus Electrical Services is.

Play It Safe & Choose Taurus Electrical

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